stack of firewood outside san diego luxury hotel
stack of firewood outside san diego luxury hotel

Gathering Inspiration, Since 1923

The Village of Ranch Santa Fe is a romantic past and dedicated present-day community. The first residents laid the values of the community and, in 1928, the Rancho Santa Fe Association formed the Protective Covenant to watch over the development of the land and safeguard its resources and beauty. A great respect for the past culture and natural surroundings remains apparent today, as the unspoiled California countryside is characterized by lush foliage, towering eucalyptus groves, winding roads with romantic Spanish names and a quaint village populated by charming historical buildings. A dark sky policy at night allows for uninterrupted stargazing. Most will agree, there is magic in this little hamlet between the mountains and sea. A stay at The Inn affords visitors entry into this tranquil world.

Celebrated Residents

America’s Sweetheart Mary Pickford and Hollywood hero Douglas Fairbanks Jr, arrived as the area’s first glamorous couple when they purchased a 3,000-acre property in 1926. Named for Fairbank’s successful movie, Rancho Zorro was planted with 1000s of Valencia orange trees and served as their countryside retreat. Their presence influenced many others to buy land and build homes, adding to the village’s distinctive character.

Affable crooner Bing Crosby was another stellar resident, who bought and remodeled one of the original Osuna family adobes as a hideaway from the fast pace of Hollywood. Crosby and his wife fell in love with the charming countryside as a safe place to raise their children. While living here, Crosby founded the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club with Fairbanks Jr. and several other movie stars. Besides horses, golf was Crosby’s other passion and the singing legend could be found playing almost daily at the Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club. His famous Bing Crosby Pro-Am tournament (which he called “the clambake”) paired jockeys and thoroughbred owners with Hollywood stars and pro golfers at the end of race season. This golfing event drew huge crowds and luminaries over the years as everyone loved Crosby’s personal “clambake” hospitality.

Other notable Ranch Santa Fe denizens have included Norma Talmadge, Howard Hughes, Ann Blyth, Robert Young, Jane Wyatt, Janet Jackson, Phil Mickelson, Shaun White and Bill Gates.