group activities and team building, group offer
group activities and team building, group offer

Team up at a Countryside Retreat

The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe offers a wealth of indoor and outdoor meeting and conference activities, focusing on experiential initiatives which spotlight the veiled dynamics of your group.

Lead team members through a fun and comfortable process of reflection that reveals how each person’s thoughts and behaviors impact the group. Choose from a vast selection of team building options and a variety of dynamic spaces to hold your events during your group’s stay at the San Diego area inn.

The Survivor Challenge
Your group will be divided into tribes that will compete in a series of fun and challenging times activities in which they will need to communicate the person for each task.

Ultimate Scavenger Hunt
Teams will have to use their decision-making skills to race against the clock collecting items that are hidden. Groups will have an opportunity to explore the village of Rancho Santa Fe looking for clues.

Salsa Guac-a-rita Showdown
Start this “iron bartender” competition with a quest for California’s best guacamole, salsa and margarita. In teams, guests will be divided into work stations to slice, dice, chop, max ‘n mix their way to gastronomic stardom!

Operation Green Thumb | Portable Garden Building
Support healthy start initiatives and work together in teams to build wooden beds, mix soil & move soil, and plant live plants and seeds.

Wine Tastings | Mixology Classes
The hotels Sommelier can lead attendees through themed wine tastings or help them try their hand at cocktail mixology.

Uncork & Unwind: yoga & wine tasting
An 80-minute, multi-sensory experience – The yoga sequence unlocks the chakras of taste & smell, laying the foundation for an exceptional wine tasting journey that includes 3 reds, 2 whites and finishes with a sparkling wine.

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At the Inn at Rancho Santa Fe, we can help you make your meeting a memorable success. Send us an online RFP by filling out our request form and one of our sales associates will contact you directly, or simply email