Meet the Chef

Executive Chef Casey

Top Chef alumnus, Casey Thompson leads the culinary team at The Inn as Executive Chef.

Food has played a momentous role in Casey Thompson’s life starting when she was a young girl. As a Texas native, she came from two very different family culinary backgrounds. One was influenced by southern style and the second from heavily influenced French cuisine. It was here that she found cooking to be her calling. Her professional start began as a prep cook at the Mansion on Turtle Creek in Dallas, Texas where she spent hours peeling potatoes, harvesting lobster, making tortillas and tying corn husk bows. This grassroots experience was necessary to achieve the goals she had set in front of her. Station by station, she eventually achieved the title of sous chef under the Southwest culinary Legend, Dean Fearing.

Casey enjoys Seasonally Influenced American food, focusing on sustainable proteins while utilizing fresh, organic, and local produce. She also likes the color Kelly Green because green reminds her of grass, vegetables, and life.

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