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Surf Lessons at Moonlight Beach

Southern California has been one of the global meccas for surfing for decades: That’s not exactly news even to folks who’ve never hoisted a surfboard before. At the Inn at Rancho Santa Fe, legendary surf breaks and beaches lie just a short (and scenic) drive away, which makes us a fabulous luxury destination for wave-riders of all abilities.

And what if you are one of those people who’s never surfed before, but always secretly (or not so secretly) wanted to give it a try? Well, as an Inn at Rancho Santa Fe guest you’re perfectly set up in that regard as well.

Just a stone’s throw from our hill-tucked resort, Moonlight Beach provides a powdery training ground for neophyte surfers courtesy of Moonlight Beach Surf Camps!

Moonlight Beach Surf Camps

For more than a decade, Moonlight Beach Surf Camps—founded as Dawn Patrol Surf by Encinitas surfer Brent Stephens—has provided absolutely top notch instruction in the fine art of wave-riding. The company’s team of professional surf instructors can help just about anybody, young and old, learn the ropes on this accommodating and forgiving seashore with its sandy bottom and gentle waves: the perfect classroom.

Surfing is a sport, it’s true, but it’s also an experience that transcends that limiting term. Like few other activities, it bonds you to the primal rhythm of the ocean: the swell, curl, break, and wash of an incoming wave. It’s quite a thrill to experience that energy pulse firsthand, even if you don’t plan on surfing regularly. (Word to the wise, though: It’s mighty easy to get the surfing bug.)

Private Classes at Moonlight Beach Surf Camps

Moonlight Beach Surf Camps, an official partner in surf instruction with the City of Encinitas, offers private one-on-one and small-group lessons for students of any level, from beginners to advanced. These fun, engaging, and safe two-hour sessions—which are customizable, too, if you’ve got friends or family along—come complete with a surfboard and wetsuit that you can keep using for the rest of the day after your lesson. You’ll learn not only basic techniques but also some fascinating background context about the dynamics of tides, swells, and breakers.

(Incidentally, the Moonlight Beach team also teaches kids via after-school programs and Summer Surf Camps.)

Take a Surf Lesson at Moonlight Beach During Your Stay at the Inn at Rancho Santa Fe

Moonlight Beach is a lovely place to visit no matter what, but its own resident, highly esteemed surf school really ups the appeal. While living in the lap of luxury at the Inn at Rancho Santa Fe, consider taking a day at the nearby ocean to spend some quality time on a surfboard, all under the watchful tutelage of a professional teacher!