wine glasses and dinnerware at restaurant at boutique san diego, ca hotel

Dining Options at The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe (Morada & The Huntsman)

The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe experience gets much of its magic, of course, from the beauty and history of the resort and the sheer perfection of our accommodations and amenities.

But just as critical is the distinction of our on-site culinary experience, which delivers to our guests the finest in seasonally informed Southern Californian cuisine and exceptional dining ambiance.

Our Inn at Rancho Santa Fe restaurant, Morada, and tavern-lounge, the Huntsman, both set themselves apart with the caliber of their menu selection and their atmospherics—come dine with us!


Throwback elegance and a great deal of welcoming warmth define Morada’s dining room, the aesthetics and spotless service readying you for a feast to remember. The restaurant’s California cuisine does right by our regional food-shed and by the revolving harvest of the seasons. Offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day except Monday and weekend brunch, Morada takes pleasing your taste buds very seriously.

The highlights—well, they’re too many to comprehensively cover here, but we’ll just get that stomach of yours growling with a few mentions. The Crème Brulee French Toast of the breakfast and brunch menus is so decadently good it should almost be outlawed. At lunch you might kick things off with silky Butternut Squash Soup or heavenly Kusshi Oysters on the half-shell, then segue into a California Burger, a plate of Blackened Fish Tacos, or perhaps the hearty and delicious Harvest Vegetable Pot Pie.

And on the dinner front, you’ve got everything from Grilled Vegetable Ahi Tartar to Roasted Jidori Chicken and Pappardelle Mushroom Ragu to ooh and ah over.

A holiday heads-up, by the way: Morada is serving a special Easter brunch on Sunday, April 1st between 10 AM and 2 PM—make your reservations at 858.381.8289!

The Huntsman

Named after the Santa Fe Hunt that once “rode to the hounds” amid the handsome countryside surrounding the Inn at Rancho Santa Fe, the Huntsman is a note-perfect lounge with exactly the comprehensive selection and old-school bartending you wish for in such an establishment.

Over elegant, not-your-average small plates and tavern entrees—Chicken Karaage Steam Buns, Carne Asada French Fries, Au Jus Sliders, the Royce Salad, and more—you can enjoy your choice of a sumptuous roster of specialty cocktails and fine spirits, including a truly notable stock of whiskeys. Or order from extensive wine and beer lists—whatever suits your taste on a given evening at the Inn at Rancho Santa Fe!