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These treatments highlight the finest fresh ingredients and are chosen based on our local surroundings.

From the Ranch

The Sweetest Thing - 60 minutes - $150/ 90 minutes - $200
Created to bring your soul into the ultimate state of relaxation. Hands and feet are gently massaged with honey infused oil, while tired eyes are soothed away with heated herbal tea bags and a cool-stone eye massage. Hot towels and a light facial cleanse accompany a hypnotic face massage, followed with a neck, shoulder and a heavenly scalp massage. Choose the 90-minute option for an extended experience.

Inner Strength - 90 minutes - $210

Discover the healing and deep relaxation of this unique treatment specialized for women. A combination of fluid massage techniques, with an aromatic specialized blend that will relax, calm &emotionally strengthen the mind and spirit. Cool and warm compresses are then applied to face and upper body to alleviate inflammation, and increase blood circulation. A stimulating scalp and foot treatment complete this ultimate experience.

Amber Glow - 30 minutes - $80

Extend your summer tan without increasing sun damage. The treatment begins with an exfoliation to smooth the skin for an allover perfect application. Our tanning concentrate contains natural and organic ingredients helping to reduce the physical signs of aging and leaving the skin hydrated.

From the Grove

Eucalyptus Stress and Sinus Relief - 30 minutes - $80/ 60 minutes - $140
Highly aromatic eucalyptus oil enhances a stress relieving neck and shoulder massage while a pressure point massage focusing on the face and scalp provides immediate relief for anyone who suffers from sinus congestion, headaches, and stress. The 60-minute version includes a soothing massage of hands and feet.

Harvest Spice Facial & Pumpkin Peel - 60 minutes - $150/ 90 minutes - $200

Handmade Organic herb preparations deeply moisturize and sooth the skin while effectively combating the effects of aging. A mesmerizing soft brush massage compliments an all-natural Pumpkin and Cinnamon peptide peel to fight fine lines while giving the skin a healthy glow. The 90-minute version includes massage of the hands feet.

Sweet Harvest Body Treatment - 120 minutes - $260
This anti-aging body treatment will give you a complete spa experience. It begins with a vigorous dry brush to stimulate blood circulation. Next you will be wrapped in a warm natural pumpkin enzyme while your scalp and neck are massaged. After being unwrapped, you’ll receive an exfoliating spiced scrub followed by an uplifting orange-infused shower. This aromatic experience concludes with a 60-minute Shea butter application and circulatory massage.

From the Coast

Soothing Cold-Stone Treatment - 30 minutes - $80
A soothing and de-stressing treatment that focuses on the windows to the soul. Warm herbal tea bags are placed on the eyes to soothe and detoxify during a restoring neck and shoulder massage. Next, a brightening cold-stone eye massage helps to decrease inflammation and swelling of the delicate eye area, followed by a memorizing pressure point facial massage. A quick fix for under eye shadows or swelling, that lightens the spirit.

Pacific Lavender-Ice Foot Treatment - 30 minutes- $80

This treatment focuses on the lower legs and feet. Organic herbs and essential oils including peppermint, wintergreen, and lavender are used to exfoliate while stimulating and promoting blood circulation throughout the body. Warm stones and paraffin are then applied to hydrate dry skin, relax and sooth tired feet.

Pearl of Youth Facial & Eye Lift - 75 minutes - $180

Noni and mineral rich Polynesian water deeply hydrate the skin, while moisture-boosting peptide technology and hyaluronic acid prevent premature aging, giving the skin an intensely moisturized glow. A visible lift is given to the eyes with a micro-current treatment specifically targeting the contours of the brows and eyes. A perfect lift and glow for that special occasion.

Seaweed Slimming Wrap - 90 minutes- $220
Detoxify and invigorate your body while restoring your skin’s tone and vitality. This treatment starts with a full body exfoliation, followed by a seaweed body mask. Your neck and scalp are massaged while you are enveloped in a warm body wrap that draws out toxins, relieves water retention and delivers essential minerals to the skin. This treatment is completed with a eucalyptus- infused warm shower and vigorous anti-cellulite massage.

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